We offer several workshops on demand for pregnant couples, mothers and fathers, future parents, childbirth workers (childbirth educators, doulas, midwife students, etc.) and all people interested in midwifery and childbirth  . Each workshop has a practical and theoretical part and can be booked through email/phone. We can organise individual workshops or workshops for groups. Workshops can be held in our space in San Marcos La Laguna or on location all around the lake. Taught in English or Spanish. 

For special requests, please feel free to write us. 

1. Herbal support during pregnancy and birth


How can we support women throughout pregnancy and birth with herbal and alternative treatments? How can we find answers and support through an holistic approach of pregnancy? This workshop gives answers on how to treat common complaints during pregnancy, how to prepare herbal baths for baby and mother, how to support a woman after birth with herbs, tinctures, herbal teas, massage, aromatherapy, etc.

Hannah integrates western and indigenous knowledge and challenges us to treat a woman as a whole entity and see her emotional, spiritual and physical body. 

Price per person: 450 Quetzales (65 dollars)

Price includes booklet, tea/coffee and a snack.


2. Homemade remedies for children 

    1 day workshop

This theoretical and practical workshop explores how we can avoid pharmaceutical treatments when we can treat common complaints with natural remedies. We start from a basic understanding of herbs and plants and apply their beneficial properties to physical and emotional complaints young children may have ( wound care, eczema, relaxing herbal baths, burn wounds, diarrhoea, immunity boosts, natural first aid kit, etc.). 


3. introduction to the art of midwifery

3 DAY COURSE  (12 HOURS) 900 q/P.P. 

This workshop provides a first dive into the world of midwifery and explores the prenatal phase, birth and postnatal stage from a holistic perspective. We talk about the history and politics of childbirth, basic anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system and pelvis, pregnancy massage and acupressure points, common complaints during pregnancy (with herbal treatments), holistic postpartum care and guidance (herbal baths, vaginal steams, breastfeeding support, etc.). 

This workshop is a great first opportunity for those interested in the intensive 2-week midwifery immersion retreat.

4. First aid care for babies and children

3 HOUR COURSE 150 Q/p.p.

This workshop is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to provide emergency life saving treatments and treatment to common first aid situations. As (future) parents we will all come across first aid situations frequently. How do we respond to burns, cuts and bruises, poisoning, drowning, asphyxia, …? Midwife Hannah Deriemaeker will go over the 10 main emergency situations with you and explain you how to to put together a basic first aid kit.

For those interested, an additional 2 hours can be added for how to put together a Herbal and Natural First Aid Kit.







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