Midwives of the Lake also offers on line service in which we offer consultations, pre/postnatal guidance, birth workshops, etc.

If you are pregnant and just want to talk about your options in general, please reach out to us for an exploring consultation (20-50 dollars)

If you want to talk about a herbal and alternative approach to birth (prenatal - birth - postnatal ),we offer an online consultation (60 mins) + booklet send by email (price: 50-75 dollars).

If you and your partner are in the search for a traveling midwife (if you live abroad and want a homebirth but no local midwives are available), we can guide you in finding the good match.

We made the online service available because of all the international requests.

If you have a request for an online consultation please fill out the following form. We will get back to you with a set time and date and payment details. If your request requires various consultations, we offer a package formula.

Price ranges from 20-50 dollars and is paid upfront through Paypal or Transferwise.

Language: fluent Dutch, English and Spanish / Basic French

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