Our philosophy

Our team believes deeply in the power of pregnancy and birth to transform a woman in a profound way.  The way a woman is cared for and supported during the process of having a child impacts her sense of power, her confidence, and her ability to parent. 

The art of midwifery care goes far beyond medical attention.  While the safety of mother and child is our top priority, we strive to build a relationship with you from a holistic perspective. We want to know you and your partner and see you as a whole person.  Pregnancy and birth involve cultural traditions, spiritual transformation, and a range of emotions.  It is a time when women embrace what is uniquely feminine and benefit from support from other women.  Being present with women is what midwives have done for centuries. You women are our greatest teachers and we feel humble and honoured to be part of this journey in your life.  

During your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period, we are there to listen, hold space for you, and remind you to trust in your own body and strength. We believe that all women should have the control and power over their birth process.  Regardless of whether you have a smooth natural birth in your home or end up needing a cesarean delivery in the hospital, our goal is for you to feel empowered by and at peace with your birth experience.