This is a little late but since our big boy is a year old we want to send a major shout out to the most amazing midwife Mallory at Group Health Midwives! She showed such compassion and gave Elliott and myself serious strength as we brought our little Rune into the world ! Thank you Mallory - you will be forever in our hearts! Thank you! Love from the Blacks
— Barbara, Bellevue, WA

Hannah helped me realise my birth vision! I wanted support, a lot of space and personal autonomy and agency. Hannah did exactly that. She has extensive knowledge and skill about the process of birth and is extremely intuitive . I felt so supported and held in every moment. She is incredible. I highly recommend her.
— Cathy, San Marcos

I gave birth in our garden, away from hospitals on the lake to my first baby after only 4 hours of labor. The experience was so calm and I felt so much in my own power and trusting my body. I give so much thanks to Hannah who always encouraged to trust my body and intuition, who created a safe and loving space and let the birth proceed naturally at its own speed. Thank you Hannah, you are an inspiration as a midwife of how a natural, peaceful birth really can be like.
— Dimitrah, Switzerland

Mallory was there for us during both of our pregnancies and delivered both our sons. Our first son Kellen was stillborn, and our second son Sage was born one year and one day later. She showed us so much love and compassion. She became part of our family. Her kind words and professionalism got me through the worst and best days of my life. The best part about being her patient was knowing that she truly cared about me and my family, and wanted our lives to be as calm and happy as possible. She attended the ceremony at our home for our son, Kellen. She held my hand and cried with me. She held my hand and cried with me again after Sage was born. Our experience was so much more than the typical doctor-patient relationship. We went through so much together! I am happy to say that we stay in touch to this day. I love to read about her adventures in Guatemala. It warms my heart to know that she has helped so many women.
— Sarah, Woodinville, WA

Having your first baby in a foreign country and having a different medical culture can make pregnancy a more nerve racking time. My whole prenatal, birth and postpartum experience was made better than I could have imagined because of Hannah. She went out of her way to ensure I understood each stage well, which options were available to me and provided impartial emotional support to see my beautiful daughter into the world and aid my recovery.She was on hand whenever I had a question and I had a lot of confidence in her training and skills as a midwife. I have nothing but gratitude and love for this wonderful woman. Thank you Hannah.
— Rebecca and Aida, San Marcos La Laguna

Mallory delivered our first-born son, Calvin, on September 25, 2016 at Overlake Hospital. Her and the team of midwives that worked with us were all outstanding and we felt supported and safe the entire time. Mallory spent time with us coaching and talking through the process as we were getting near the birth. Our son was two weeks late and we had been going through a challenging inducing process. Mallory took the time to get to know us and was very good about helping us stay calm through our fatigue and stress. All of our questions were answered before, during, and after the birth, which went as well as one could ask for. She guided both me and my wife through the best day of our lives and made such an impression that we kept in contact and remembered to send her pictures a year later.
— Blake and Lindsey, Seattle, WA

Working with Mallory and her group of midwives was one of the best decisions we made as parents with both of my pregnancies. From a first-time mom point of view, Mallory took all the time needed to answer questions and help us understand what we could not truly fully prepare for. During my first labor and delivery, I wanted as little intervention as possible. After my water breaking, we went in to the hospital for an assessment. I was given the option to head home and labor in a more comfortable environment. A few hours later, we returned to the hospital and I finished laboring in a tub. When the need to push came, I knew I couldn’t do it in a bed laying down. I was given the option to push in a more natural position for me, squatting by the side of my hospital bed. I felt the head of my baby and was encouraged to reach down and help finish her delivery and pull her out and on to my chest.

My second labor and delivery came with some intervention, with the need to have my water broken. The ebb and flow of contractions weren’t progressing as quickly as they could if my water had been broken, which Mallory explained gently. She provided the pros and cons of waiting for it to break on its own versus the simple intervention of having it broken. I was again given the opportunity to limit interventions like an IV line and was able to deliver in the position most comfortable for me, squatting by the side of my hospital bed.

Both of my experiences with Mallory and the midwives were encouraging, supportive and positive. I felt like I was in control as much as could be expected and am thankful for the options provided to me by their practice. While interventions would have been supported if requested, I wasn’t pressured one way or the other, with all options on the table throughout the process of bringing both my girls into the world. I thank Mallory and the midwives for the empowerment I felt during two of the most difficult and amazing times in my life.
— Amanda, Seattle, WA

Where to begin? My whole experience with Midwives of the Lake was amazing! Hannah and Mallory provided exceptional prenatal care and guided me through a beautiful, healthy pregnancy. I never felt rushed at appointments with them and they welcomed all my questions and concerns. When optional treatments and interventions came up, they provided me with quality information on the subject and supported me in my decision. I entered my pregnancy with a lot of fear around childbirth, but with their help by the time I went into labor I was feeling strong and prepared. The birth itself was beautiful, love-filled, healthy — and yes, a challenge! — but ultimately the most empowering experience I’ve ever had. And it didn’t stop there! They were completely available in the days and weeks after birth to help me with questions, guide me in good breastfeeding, and make sure my son and I were recovering well. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
— Colleen and Shad - Tzununa Guatemala - 2018