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This service is currently not offered because of the absence of Mallory (from November 2018 - April 2019).

Mallory offers obstetric ultrasound at three different points in pregnancy. 

1st trimester ultrasound

The first ultrasound is ideally performed between 10-14 weeks.  The goal of a first trimester ultrasound is to confirm that your baby is viable with a normal heart beat and to establish the baby's gestational age and your exact due date.  Determining age and due date is most accurate in the first trimester.   This ultrasound is recommended, but optional.  If the Mother is very sure of her last menstrual period and has regular menstrual cycles and would prefer not to have a first trimester ultrasound, that is okay with us. 

2nd trimester ultrasound

The most important ultrasound during pregnancy occurs at 20-24 weeks.  This ultrasound is done to evaluate your baby's anatomy and growth and to check on the location of your placenta.  Placental location is very important to know prior to delivery to rule out a life-threatening condition called placenta previa.  At this time, Mallory can offer an assessment of growth and placental location ONLY.  In the US and Europe, around 20 weeks of pregnancy, an in-depth structural assessment of your baby's anatomy is done.  This is an evaluation of the structure of your baby's organs, including the heart, brain, spine, and kidneys (to look for any fetal abnormalities).  We work with an Ob/Gyn in San Pedro who can offer a more in-depth structural ultrasound at this time if the family prefers it. 

3rd trimester ultrasound

Around 36 weeks of pregnancy, we offer a final ultrasound to confirm that your baby is in the head down position and to check the volume of your amniotic fluid, to make sure that it is at a normal level.  During this ultrasound we perform a biophysical profile, which looks at your baby's movements, muscle tone, heart rate, and amniotic fluid.  A normal biophysical profile is an excellent indicator of your baby's overall well-being.  This ultrasound is also optional.