Immediate postpartum

Whether you gave birth at home or in the hospital, our team will provide you with an intensive postpartum care during the first days after giving birth. Within 24-48 hours following the birth, we come to your home to check on you and your baby, complete a physical exam on both of you, assist you with breastfeeding and support you emotionally. We answer any questions you may have and create the support based on your needs.  


Postpartum visits 

Our routine visits are planned on day 1, 3, 5 and 7, week 3 and week 6 after birth. We care intensively for you in the first week and plan our visits for the second and third week based on your needs. We advise to stay a minimum of 2 weeks at the lake after the birth to ensure your recovery. We take responsibility in transferring your health record to other care providers (depending on your home situation) in case you are not living permanently at the lake. If  any concerns arise, we refer you to the pediatrician and obstetrician that we work with.



Breastfeeding support

Our team is specialised in offering you a high quality lactation support. During your pregnancy we will inform you about the benefits and "dance" of breastfeeding. It is a relationship you have to develop with your baby and we are there to establish a great start of this beautiful journey. 



Herbal support  

Becoming parents in life is a moment of transition. We are here to support you through this transformation by helping to adapt you in your new role as parents. Midwives of  the lake offers a holistic family-centered midwifery care and wants to put you in your full power. We offer a postpartum herbal kit for mother and baby that will support you in your emotional and physical recovery. 




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