Attendance at your Birth

The day of your baby's birth is one of the most important and transformational days of your life.  We are honoured to help you through the process and our goal is to support you and your loved ones through every step.  When you begin labor, you will contact your midwife team and we will arrive to your home or the agreed upon location for your birth.  Whenever possible, you will have both Mallory and Hannah present at your labor and birth.  You can also choose to hire a doula for further labor support as desired. 

We will stay with you throughout your birthing process, delivery, and initial postpartum period.  During labor we monitor your baby's heart and your vital signs regularly to ensure that all is well.   We will do cervical exams as needed to assess your dilation, but we minimise the frequency of vaginal exams as much as possible to prevent infection and for your own comfort.   We provide labor support, emotional support, and techniques to encourage optimal fetal position for birth. You will give birth to your baby in the position that works best for your body and we believe strongly in the power of your body and instinct. 

After the birth we encourage skin to skin contact with Mother and baby and will help you establish the breastfeeding . We will also do a thorough newborn exam and make sure your baby is healthy and stable.  Should you require a transfer to the hospital during your labor, we will accompany you and collaborate with the OB doctor to make sure your transition is smooth and supportive of your wishes. 

Home Birth at the Lake

During your pregnancy, we will agree on where you will have your baby.  This can be at your own home or another site that we work with, including various homes for rent around the lake.  We will counsel you during your pregnancy about preparing your home for your birth. 

Back-up plan at Lago Atitlan

When we have to refer to the hospital, we go with you to El Hospitalito in Santiago Atitlan ( They offer a high quality 24/7 emergency obstetrical care.  Throughout your pregnancy, we will discuss possible reasons for transfer, so you will be  educated and prepared in the event of the need for you to go to the hospital.   We work with private boat drivers to transfer you to Santiago should the need arise (depending on the weather, transfer time in between 25-40 minutes).  We will monitor you closely for complications of labor and recommend a timely transfer if we no longer feel home birth is the safest option for you and your baby.  You will be involved and informed in the decision making process if a transfer is needed. 


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